Here Is When Lexus Will Reveal Its Crazy New Hoverboard

Any individual who has ever dreamed of subsequent in Marty McFly’s hover-steps will be one particular stage nearer arrive Aug. 5.

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Which is the day when Lexus suggests it will unveil its new hoverboard, dubbed the Slide. In preparing for the start, the luxury car division of Toyota (TM, +.fourteen%) has come up with a trailer, total with specialist skateboarder Ross McGouran and loving photographs of the steam-emitting, created-from-bamboo hoverboard. You can see the movie on the firm’s official site, or look at the short teaser underneath.

In mid-June, Lexus verified particulars of a project that has spanned the final eighteen months, involving groups in Germany and London, according to Gizmodo.

The hoverboard makes use of magnetic levitation to obtain the magical previously mentioned-the-floor effect, with liquid nitrogen and permanent magnets combining to make the large-tech gadget created famous in Again to the Future appear real.

Nevertheless, supporters who are hoping to take a journey on the Slide will possibly have to wait around much more time. There is no phrase on whether the hoverboard will go on sale — if at any time — and it only performs on metallic surfaces, according to Engadget.

That means you are going to have to get much more standard transportation to events that will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Back again to the Long term on Oct. 21.